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Mission Critical


Our DISPLAY solutions redefine visual clarity and reliability for critical applications. With cutting-edge display technologies, our products deliver exceptional image quality, sharpness, and vibrant colors. Whether it's military command centers, air traffic control, surveillance systems, or outdoor installations, our DISPLAY solutions ensure visibility and readability even in harsh environments. They are built to withstand shock, drop, vibration, and are MIL-STD-3009 compliant with Type 1 Class B NVIS requirements.

Portable Tablet

Designed for field service, public safety, logistics, and more, our tablets provide robust computing power, rugged durability, and extended battery life. With their integrated features like barcode scanning, wireless connectivity, and sunlight-readable displays, our Portable Tablets excel in challenging environments. They are engineered to withstand fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and the inevitable shocks and drops of mobile work.

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Vehicle Cradle

Maximize the efficiency of your mobile operations with our Vehicle Cradle solutions. Engineered for fleet management, public transportation, emergency response, and utility vehicles, our cradles provide secure mounting and charging options for your devices. With their rugged construction and vibration-resistant design, they ensure optimal device performance even in demanding environments.


Rack Server

Experience exceptional computing power and reliability with our Rack Server solutions. Designed for data centers, network systems, and high-performance computing, our rack servers deliver superior performance, scalability, and reliability. Built with robust components and advanced thermal management, they excel in demanding environments. Our rack servers are engineered to withstand fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and provide uninterrupted performance in mission-critical scenarios.

Rugged Semi-Kits

Experience the flexibility and customization of our Rugged Semi-Kits. Ideal for OEM integration, industrial control systems, and data acquisition applications, our semi-kits provide a solid foundation for your mission-critical solutions. They combine robust components, rugged design, and flexible configurations to meet your specific requirements. With MIL-STD-3009 compliance, our rugged semi-kits ensure optimal performance in demanding environments.

Rugged Smart Phone

Designed for a wide range of professional needs, from construction, agriculture to first responders and outdoor enthusiasts, and especially for uniform forces like policeman & customs. Besides being reliable, durable and resilient, in this age of heightened security concerns and ever-evolving challenges, ACT’s rugged smart phones are indispensable tools that ensure secure, efficient communication. They also act as reliable command devices that empower law enforcement professionals to perform their duties efficiently and effectively, even in the most challenging and dynamic situations.