Vehicle Solution

ACT POWER Taiwan offers a comprehensive Vehicle Solution (VES series) designed to enhance computing capabilities, surveillance systems, and embedded applications for vehicles. The VES series encompasses a range of products and accessories to meet diverse needs within the transportation and logistics industry.

AIO Computing

The VES series includes all-in-one (AIO) computing solutions tailored for vehicles. These computing systems integrate hardware components, such as processors, memory, and storage, into a compact and ruggedized form factor suitable for in-vehicle use. They provide robust computing power to support various applications and software requirements within the vehicle environment.


ACT POWER's VES series offers high-quality display solutions specifically designed for vehicle use. These displays come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate different vehicle types and installation requirements. They feature durable construction, anti-glare properties, and wide viewing angles, ensuring optimal visibility and usability in various lighting conditions.

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Portable Tablet

The VES series includes portable tablet devices that provide mobile computing and data input capabilities for vehicle operators. These tablets are built to withstand the challenges of the vehicle environment and offer features such as touchscreens, wireless connectivity, and long battery life. They enable efficient data collection, navigation, and communication while on the move.

The Vehicle Solution (VES series) by ACT POWER Taiwan combines computing power, display capabilities, surveillance systems, and rugged accessories to offer a comprehensive solution for vehicle applications. Whether it's enhancing in-vehicle computing, improving surveillance and security, or optimizing connectivity, the VES series provides a reliable and adaptable solution for various transportation needs.