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Join the revolution and experience the power of the PRO AV Series for yourself. Whether you're a professional in the AV industry or a casual user looking to take your entertainment to the next level, these products are sure to exceed your expectations. Upgrade your audiovisual experience with the PRO AV Series today!


  • High-Quality Audio and Video: The PRO AV series ensures crisp and clear audio reproduction, along with stunning visuals. Whether it's a projector, sound system, or video conferencing tool, the products deliver exceptional audio and video performance, immersing users in an immersive multimedia experience.
  • Advanced Signal Processing: ACT POWER's PRO AV series includes encoders and decoders that efficiently compress and decompress audio and video signals, ensuring high-quality transmission over IP networks. This feature enables seamless distribution of multimedia content, making it ideal for broadcasting, digital signage, and live events.
  • Seamless Connectivity: The PRO AV products offer reliable connectivity solutions, including Cat6 cables and HDMI cables. These cables are designed with high-quality materials and advanced shielding technology to minimize signal loss and interference, ensuring optimal performance and signal integrity.
  • Efficient Signal Management: With switches and matrix switchers, the PRO AV series simplifies signal routing and switching. Users can easily control the distribution of audio and video signals to multiple display devices, facilitating efficient signal management and allowing quick adjustments to meet changing requirements.
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  • Multi-viewer Functionality: The PRO AV multi-viewer allows users to monitor multiple video sources simultaneously on a single display. This feature is especially useful in control rooms and broadcast studios, providing real-time previews of different video feeds and simplifying monitoring and decision-making processes.
  • User-Friendly Controls: ACT POWER's PRO AV products are designed with user convenience in mind. They feature intuitive interfaces, remote control capabilities, and customizable layouts, allowing users to operate and control the equipment with ease.
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  • Reliability and Durability: The PRO AV series is built to withstand the demands of professional environments. ACT POWER ensures that its products undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures, delivering reliable and durable equipment that professionals can rely on for critical applications.
  • Continuous Innovation: ACT POWER is committed to pushing the boundaries of audio-visual technology. The PRO AV series represents the company's dedication to continuous innovation, with ongoing research and development efforts aimed at improving the user experience and introducing new features and functionalities.