Design To Order Service

Welcome To ACT POWER DTOS Service

ACT POWER offers high efficiency Design To Order Service to global system integration or start up partners. We offer a low entry development fee to enable partners to reduce the risk of new system development. Our professional design team in Taiwan will be able to communicate with partners for details of product specifications, configurations and platform integrations.

Hardware Integration

special boards, multiple hard drives, DC and special power inputs, custom chassis designs

Software Integration

We can install and manage standard or customer's proprietary software


Build your own brand by providing your product in custom colors or simply add brand logo

Fast Delivery

Build your own brand by providing your product in custom colors or simply add brand logo



Housing Design



Board Design



Product Development Process

  • STEP 1Pilot Run & Approval

    • Defining product Specifications and requirements.
    • Initial prototype quotation and delivery schedule.
  • STEP 2Design & Development

    • Design and development of prototype.
  • STEP 3Product Requirement & Product Spec

    • Benchmark and functionality tests.
    • Customer evaluation.
    • Purchase order.
  • STEP 4Mass Production

    • Batch manufacturing.
    • Burn-in and functional tests.
  • STEP 5Service & Support

    • Logistics services.
    • After-sale support.

We have a strict policy to look after partner interest after you invest your money for new product. If your production volume has reached a goal of 1,000 units, we will start to refund the money you spent on above mentioned packages. We treat you as a valuable asset to our business, so all your investment will remain as our property and we will not release it to any 3rd party unless to have your approval. Moreover, welcome to utilize our global sourcing advantage to have the best material costs to lower down the entry barriers of your product price, and the most important matter is that all product will be assembled, tested or produced in the global IT center, Taiwan.