Biometrics Security Access Control Validator ABC-RN008T-TC | ACT POWER ABC-RN008T-TC | ACT POWER
ABC-RN008T-TC is a biometric access control system that helps with disease transmission control and prevention through its built-in temperature sensing and mask detection functionality. It is capable of performing identity authentication. The system also supports NFC and QR-Code scanning to satisfy the requirements of different scenarios and applications.
  • Human temperature detector, fever warning, mask detection
  • Facial recognition, stranger and mask detection
  • Living body, stranger and mask wearing detection
  • NFC card reader, support MIFARE Classic/Plus/Ultralight/DESFire
  • Bar-Code scanner, support 1D/2D QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417
  • Smart card reader, support EMV Level 1, PC/SC 2.0
  • WiFi, Ethernet supported
  • USB, RS232, Relay-output, Wiegand-output (26bit, 34bit)
  • Antibacterial and alcohol-resistant material
  • Face recognition/ID
  • Mask Detection/
    Temperature Detection
  • Barcode/QR code
    reader supported
  • Smart Card Reader
0.5s Rapid Sensing, precise to within ±0.25°C The high-speed infrared temperature sensor matrix within each device is precise to within ±0.25°C and can rapidly detect the body temperature of anyone trying to access the controlled area within 0.5 seconds. This is an effective disease prevention functionality that can prevent any feverish individuals from entering the controlled area and spreading their infection. Additionally, if the situation warrants mandating the wearing of masks, the mask detection function can also force compliance by refusing anyone without masks entry.
We believe that QUALITY starts with design, which is why we have built various fool-proofing and lock-on mechanisms that mitigate the possibility of erroneous assembly right into the design. The direct heat transfer design optimizes cooling by transferring waste heat generated by the CPU outside the case through an aluminum alloy module, thereby ensuring stability during extended operation. The highly modular design also makes any maintenance quick and easy to perform.
Rugged Antimicrobial
And Ethanol-resistant Casing
ABC-RN008T-TC the exterior casing of each device uses an antimicrobial and ethanol-resistant material, making it a perfect fit for hospitals. The face detection functionality provides contact-free access control for doctors, nurses, or staff working within the hospital, thereby increasing the efficiency of access control at checkpoints and reducing the potential for infections spreading through contact.
  • AI Deep Learning
  • Quad-core
    Cortex-A17 1.8GHz
  • Android 7.1.2
  • 1280x800
    IPS touch screen
  • 20,000 faces capacity
To Achieve the High Accuracy 
ABC-RN008T-TC is a AI-based face recognition and temperature screening terminal equipped with a quad-core Linux-based CPU and AI deep learning algorithm to reaching a 99.7%(1:N) recognition accurcay level.
Epidemic prevention
Body temperature checks
  • Face recognition
    Facial ID for employees, residents, or temporary authorized visitors.
  • NFC card scanning
    Identification for employees, residents, or temporary authorized visitors.
  • QR-Code scanning
    City tour ticket, temporary authorized QR-code for visitors, personal heath code.
  • Smart card reader (optional)
ABC-RN008T-TC not only has a complete application suite and back-end management system but also comes with a complete API that makes it the best platform for system developers that want to develop their own products.
  • Processor
    Quad-core Cortex-A17 1.8GHz
  • OS
    Android 7.1.2
  • Display
    8 inches, 1280x800 full view angle, IPS LCD, touch panel.
  • Camera
    Dual Camera (2MP RGB, 2MP Infrared)
  • Face Recognition
    20000 faces capacity, living body identification, stranger and mask wearing detection
  • Human Temperature Detection
    0.5sec detect time, ≦ ±0.25℃ accuracy, 25°C~45°C detection range, fever warning
  • NFC Reader
    MIFARE Classic/Plus/Ultralight/DESFire
  • QR-Code Scanner
    1D/2D QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417
  • Smart card reader
    EMV Level 1, PC/SC 2.0
  • Network
    WiFi, 10 / 100M Ethernet
  • I/O Interface
    USB, RS232, Relay-output, Wiegand-output (26bit, 34bit)
  • Power
    DC12V (+10%), Power Consumption 10W Max
  • Size
    215x245x39 mm
  • Weight
Mounting Type
  • Wall Mount (75x75mm VESA standard)
  • Pillar stand
  • Desktop
  • Floor stand
  • Can a third party develop its own back-end control system?
    Yes, we will provide the API for third parties to create their own back-end control system and other value-added functions.
  • Can we integrate the API to an MQTT platform in the cloud?
    Our API is a LAN interface and allows other devices or computers to call the interface services of this device through an http request. Therefore, if your MQTT platform can support this protocol, it can be integrated.
  • Can the device function while the network is broken?
    Yes, it can work properly because it is an edge computing device. Its access control, validation, and body temperature functions don’t need to work with a server.
  • Can the device be used alone?
    Yes, it can be used alone, including personnel information input and face ID settings.
  • Can it be used in a dark environment?
    Yes, it is equipped with a night-view camera and infrared LED, allowing it to function as usual even in a completely dark environment.